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Person-centered communication*

Communicating with your staff is your key
management tool: you instruct, you coordinate,
you inquire, you coach. Still, sometimes you
realize that essential things have not been
discussed. And this has consequences ...

Sometimes, it is important to leave the "efficient",
objective and targeted way of communication: to pause
for a moment, to mirror what you hear and perceive nonverbally
from your staff - and suddenly the conversation changes to a
level where emotionally difficult topics can be discussed openly.

You help your employees to find a way to self-reflection. This way, progress interviews and employee appraisals finally become sustainable and effective because in-depth solutions supported by the employees themselves are found.

Discover the potential of person-centered communication* for yourself and your team.

I offer you the chance and guarantee lasting Aha! experiences, e.g.,

in a practice-oriented training for managers
a team building workshop
a personal coaching

*by Ruth Kohn/Carl Rogers/Thomas Gordon